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Commercial Carpet Extractors and Janitorial Cleaning Equipment

Box Extractors

  • Galaxy Pro 2700 Series 17 Gallon Extractors

    Galaxy Pro 2700 lineup. Configurable and ready to meet the demands of the working professional. These 17 gallon box extractors have set the bar in the industry for high performance. Available with 2000 watt heat and numerous other performance configurations and upgrades.
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  • Bravo

    The Bravo line-up has our competitors admiring the portability, style and the value the Bravo offers. These are our best selling compact machines. Available with internal heat and either 85" or and amazing 106" of water lift! Manufactured here in the USA and built to last.
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  • Galaxy 5

    One look at our new compact addition to the Galaxy series and you'll realize that it is possible to have your cake and eat it too!
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  • Galaxy 2000 Series 12 Gallon Extractors

    Introducing our exclusive line-up of "heat-ready" Galaxy carpet extractors. Complete with 25' hose assembly, the 12 gallon Galaxy 2000 offers the ultimate in versatility, performance, and ease of operation.
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  • Extraction Accessories

    Extraction Accessories
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